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Welcome to the Mama Tribe!

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

From the moment you found out you were pregnant, you were different. No matter what your feelings were regarding being pregnant, you no longer thought for just you. Everything now revolved around the life inside you. Even if you decided to adopt, decisions moving forward now centered on the anticipation of the new addition to your family. Truthfully, the thing we all share as moms, no matter what type of mom you are, is that you care very deeply for your little one.

Unfortunately, that care does not come without sacrifice. And let's be honest, it is sacrifice of self. You have pushed back your self care routines, laxed on the relaxation, or even made major life changes to accommodate the new chapter of motherhood. Even the changes that suck all seem worth it when you look at your child's sleeping face. That sweet face that terrorized you throughout the day and is responsible for your chronic tiredness, is somehow soundly asleep as if to say thank you for making me feel safe enough to sleep. Job well done Mama - short lived, but well done.

What do you feel in that moment? Do you replay the moments spent with your little one during the day? Do you wonder if you made the right choices? If you were to harsh? Too soft? Do you run down the mama list in your head of all the things you were supposed to accomplish with your little one that day? Do you reassure yourself? Do you scold yourself? It's a yes for me on all counts! So what do you do with those feelings? Where do you turn to say, "Hey today really sucked and I didn't like my kid." or, "This happened today and honestly, I'm lost as all outdoors - where do I start?"

Welcome to the mama tribe! We are going to talk about all of it - the good, the bad, and the ugly as they say! Expect no judgement from me. After all, no one can judge you more harshly than yourself, so I will leave that to you. Truthfully, we are all on a journey that you have to be on to fully understand. So there is no better supporter for a mom, than a mom. In the words of one Mama tribe member: Let's go!

How does the Mama tribe offer support?

Our golden rule here is be kind! Even if someone makes a comment that is not accurate, please remember that you were once a newbie to motherhood too. Let's always remember why we are here - to support and encourage one another - and to find some laughter along the way too!


Try to put yourself in the commenter's shoes. And remember, only the one actually wearing the shoe knows where it pinches!

Before you comment think to yourself:

  1. How would I receive this?

  2. Does this comment help or hurt?

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